Advanced real-time connected technology that puts you in control.

A Service Management Platform for proactive and informed maintenance scheduling

TICO Edge is a service management platform that provides real-time service support for everyone involved in the service and repair process.


GeoTab Telematics

Every new TICO Pro-Spotter comes standard equipped with GeoTab telematics devices out of the factory and connected to TICO Edge.  Our proactive service management platform maximizes uptime by finding and fixing vehicle issues before they occur.  It also provides symmetries with existing service models and complimentary class 8 equipment.

Integrated Data

The connected telematics and performance data integrates directly into TICO Edge to push your business forward with transformative telematic insights:

  • Cummins fault codes and data
  • Allison fault codes and data
  • Donaldson air filtration warnings

Telematics coverage can be extended beyond the 2-year period at time of vehicle purchase or as an aftermarket solution.

Real-Time Support

Your work depends on your TICO terminal tractor to perform as you expect.  That’s why TICO developed the TICO EDGE platform to ensure the uptime of your critical equipment.

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Uptime Centre

The TICO Uptime Centre works through the TICO EDGE platform to quickly manage service and schedule repairs for greater efficiency, transparency and faster turnaround times.

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