TICO is the first terminal tractor in the industry to offer advanced equipment uptime support.

Manage your repair and maintenance needs, anytime and from anywhere.

No matter what you use them for, your work depends on TICO terminal tractors. When a tractor goes down, your productivity suffers. And the chain of inefficiencies in an outdated service process keep your tractor out of service longer.

Real-Time Support

TICO EDGE is a service relationship management platform that provides real-time service support for everyone involved in the service and repair process. Using TICO EDGE, dealers, fleet managers and service providers can collaborate directly with our TICO Uptime Center to address warranty issues, parts needs, repair specifications and more.

Greater Profitability

Benefits of using TICO EDGE extend beyond the service repair.  The telematics and performance data collected and analyzed by the platform can help you better identify and understand fleet dynamics and make informed business decisions, which can lead to greater efficiency and profitability.

“TICO EDGE enables us to complete service and maintenance at the right time, rather than downing a piece of equipment prematurely.”

– Shane Nelson, Averitt Express


The TICO EDGE system, a cloud-based platform that allows TICO Eastern Canada’s customers and the TICO Uptime Centre to communicate and collaborate with real-time visibility into individual repair events.

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Uptime Centre

The TICO Uptime Centre works through the TICO EDGE platform to quickly manage service and schedule repairs for greater efficiency, transparency and faster turnaround times.

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