Connecting Telematics, Dealer Management Systems and TICO manufacturing information.

Trained experts ready for proactive service.

The Uptime Centre provides streamlined and easy case communication that eliminates the need for emails and phone calls – so you have the right people ready at the right time.

Quicker Response

Customers have real-time collaboration with TICO Eastern Canada and the TICO Uptime Centre on all service events.  All case communication is time and date stamped with visibility to all repair events, customized dashboards and cases.  Streamlined warranty administration also means detailed line item estimates and electronic filing.

Data Visibility

Unit/asset information from your fleet is easily accessible and cross references with TICO asset information including fleet numbers, fleet locations and point of contact. Now its easy to initiate and track repairs directly through fleet portal or from the field by scanning a QR code on each TICO tractor using a mobile device.

Telematics coverage can be extended beyond the 2-year period at time of vehicle purchase or as an aftermarket solution.

Real-Time Support

Your work depends on your TICO terminal tractor to perform as you expect.  That’s why TICO developed the TICO EDGE platform to ensure the uptime of your critical equipment.

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Remote Diagnostics

The TICO EDGE system, a cloud-based platform that allows TICO Eastern Canada’s customers and the TICO Uptime Centre to communicate and collaborate with real-time visibility into individual repair events.

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