As the leading terminal tractor manufacturer with unique, real-world experience in fleet operations, TICO has partnered with Volvo Penta to bring you the all-new TICO Pro-Spotter Electric terminal tractor.

  • Batteries Mounted Inside of Frame Rails
  • Industry-Leading Power
  • Volvo Active Thermal Management System
  • Unprecedented Comfort & Experience
  • Touch Screen LCD Gauge Display
  • No Proprietary Charging Required
  • TICO Edge & Uptime Service Platforms

The latest of TICO’s innovations, the TICO Pro-Spotter Electric combines the power and durability of Pro-Spotter trucks with the design, reliability, and components of the Volvo Group.

This means industry-leading equipment and technology, backed by a real-time service management platform, integrated battery monitoring service, and dedicated support to keep fleet operators on the move.

Operator Comfort & Driveability

The Volvo Penta-powered TICO Pro-Spotter was designed with the operator in mind. From the roomiest cab in the industry, to the Volvo Group two-speed gearbox offering seamless and silent shifting between gears, operators will experience enhanced comfort and a better driving experience. Regenerative braking is also supported to provide efficient energy regain and further improve drivability.

Opportunity Charging

Full battery capacity can be reached in 45 minutes with a 150kW charger. The system is also primed for opportunity charging to ensure the unit is ready for action during breaks. 

A Proven Solution

Developed based on TICO’s unique experience as both a terminal tractor manufacturer and fleet operator, along with Volvo Group’s demonstrated track-record of electrification in heavy duty applications, the TICO Pro-Spotter is a dependable solution fleets can count on to get the job done.

Engineered to Optimize Space,
Performance and Battery Life

The reduction in total vehicle weight offered through the Volvo Penta system design means faster acceleration, instant torque, improved efficiency and optimized utilization of energy.

The TICO Electric Pro-Spotter performs in all climates delivering constant optimal battery temperature using the Volvo Active Thermal Management System (ATMS).  The ATMS maintains the battery temperature at 76 degrees at all times (Summer and Winter months)

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