TICO Galvanized Pro-Spotter Option 2014-11-03T12:18:22-05:00

This is the all-new Galvanized TICO Pro-Spotter – built for additional protection AND performance.

TICO is offering a Pro-Spotter option that is protected by galvanizing the major components. If you need additional protection for your TICO for a long period of time or operate in a more corrosive environment, you may want the most advanced protection available in the market today – the TICO Galvanized Pro-Spotter.

DID YOU KNOW: Galvanizing is a rust preventative process that coats steel with Zinc. The corrosion resistance properties of galvanizing are considerably greater in virtually all service conditions.

Our Pro-Spotter Galvanized Option will provide extra durability to match your specific needs.