7 Reasons Why You Need GPS Tracking

//7 Reasons Why You Need GPS Tracking

7 Reasons Why You Need GPS Tracking

It’s more than getting you from A to B

For most of us, a GPS is solely designed to get us from A to B, or our kids hockey games or even road trips.  But for transportation businesses, it’s much more than this. In fact, it’s a powerful tool that can help elevate your business.  One thing is for certain – it will help take you places – like the road to success!
If you’re already familiar with Real-Time GPS Asset Tracking, then you are keenly aware of the impact it has on your business.  If not, then let us shed some light on this smart tracking device.

  1. The main reason why real-time GPS tracking is used is because of cost efficiency. Many companies insure a bulk amount of transport vehicles for a cheaper price if they each have real-time tracking.
  2. When it comes to your employees, you’re able to increase your employee work rate, reduce the downtime rate and keep track of employees for time management. This means that employees are held accountable for mishaps or delays, which can provide more motivation for them to deliver on time.
  3. Because you’re able to keep track of the fleet whenever you need to, customer service can excel by miles, as you’re able to provide optimal support about the location and time frame of their product delivery.
  4. Speaking of keeping track, real-time GPS allows room for planning when it comes to routes and attempting to eliminate unnecessary costs. The margin of error can be reduced immensely when real-time GPS tracking is implemented.
  5. A huge benefit that comes along with installing real-time GPS tracking is that businesses can locate lost or stolen property. This includes the transport vehicle and the specific cargo that is on said transport vehicle.
  6. Overhead costs can be eliminated completely by using this type of technology on your transportation fleets. Types of overhead costs include discrepancies between the company and client because of billing, unauthorized overtime charges made by the employee and even keeping track of when the vehicle is authorized and not authorized to be driven during certain times.
  7. Last but not least, real time GPS tracking ensures the safety of the driver. If an employee happens to get into an accident and doesn’t know where they are, the GPS can find the location and emergency assistance can get to the scene of the accident quicker.

Whatever direction your business is going – installing a Real-Time GPS Asset Tracking device – will help get you there faster!

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